Air Conditioning Installation


In today’s busy life, we also need solaces. Melbourne Appliance Installation understands your comfort needs as top priority. Our experts are ready to help at your home any time as we have fully equipped vans across Melbourne to provide the installation services. We all like being comfortable and also wants our family to be comfortable in the heat of the summer and also cozy in the winters. We’re here to ensure you maintain the level of comfort you desire.

When it comes to installing a new air conditioner, we clear all related debris, install ductwork, properly position and place air conditioning unit so that it should be accessible easily, make proper and safe connections, install a new thermostat and Charge and start the new system according to manufacturer specifications. While finishing an establishment our specialists guarantee each little detail is secured and that everything is working appropriately. They also conduct a post-installation check. Team in Melbourne Appliance Installation is well equipped with the knowledge and expertise and also believes in quality work. Our expert team ensures the installation is safe. We have expertise in installing any type of air conditioner like window, split or centrally cooled. We are just one call away from you.