Cabinet Mount TV


Stylish new home needs new age TVs. The latest trend running in the market is the Cabinet TV. Yes, you can have your huge mounted to the cabinet to give it a classy look. The Melbourne Appliance Installation team does the same for you. Doing the installation yourself may cause damages to the product, you need an expert for the same. Hence, our team has experts who make sure to fix the Cabinet TV in the right place not occupying much space and giving you space for your speakers and other sound systems. We make sure to fix it very safely not damaging anything.

Right from opening the box to installing it, we do it all ourselves. We will suggest you the right place keeping in mind the size of the TV. We also make sure to give it a proper finishing hiding the wires and other unwanted things in a way that it is easy for you to use and not visible by anyone else. Hence, it would be a right option to choose the Melbourne Appliance Installation company.

Steps for installation

  • Unpacking of your TV.
  • Mount TV on its factory supplied stand.
  • Place TV on existing cabinet.
  • Connect existing devices to new TV.
  • Connect TV to existing power and aerial outlets.
  • Tune in free to air channels.
  • Neatly hide cables behind cabinet.
  • Test and Commission installation.
  • Show customer how to use TV.
  • Remove all rubbish and old TV if required.
$ incl GST
Cabinet Mount (up to 70ā€) $100