Canopy Rangehood


Wanting to install a smart and stylish Canopy Rangehood in your kitchen? Melbourne Appliance Installation is an expert in doing so. We will make sure to give a clean and new finish to the kitchen. We have all the equipments to make the proper arrangements and fix things in the right place. We bring the required and experienced team to remove the old Rangehood and install the new one making sure the duct is fixed in the right place.

The canopy Rangehood will help to keep your kitchen away from smoke and grease. It will exhaust all it through the duct. No more stickiness or smoke in your kitchen while you are cooking. The filters are easy to wash and fix again without any help. Easily convert your traditional kitchen to the modern one with the latest canopy Rangehoods that are available in various designs and colours to match your kitchen’s interiors.

Installation steps

  • Remove old canopy rangehood.
  • Clean area.
  • Mark out fixings and mount bracket.
  • Hang new canopy rangehood and connect to existing ducting and power.
  • Install flue cover.
  • Test to make all functions are working.
  • Show customer how to use rangehood.
  • Remove all rubbish and clean area.
$ incl GST
Rangehood Canopy Installation $285