Dishwasher Installation


Cleaning dishes subsequent to eating is a major issue for everyone. Manual dishwashing is quite time consuming and tedious. As the technology is growing we have answers to all the issues faced in our life and to make our life better. The Dishwasher can be considered as the best facility for cleaning up done in a small amount of the time and in a simpler way.
Melbourne Appliance Installation has fully equipped vans across Melbourne to provide the installation services and beauty of our installation service is that we can deliver and install your new product in very short span of time. Our experts can install any type of dishwasher like standard, semi & fully integrated benchtop and slim line dishwashers.
Our experts provide services to remove the old dishwasher and clean zone if it is required. We install new dishwasher and connect to existing water and power. Our experts ensure that Dishwasher main power and water supply are properly working, the machine has been assembled correctly, screens and pump intake screen are clear and doors are closed and secure. Our qualified staff also properly tests and run dishwasher through a test cycle to ensure there are no leaks. We additionally appropriately guide and demonstrate to client best practices to utilize machine.

Steps for installation

  • Remove old dishwasher if needed and clean area.
  • Install new dishwasher and connect to existing water and power.
  • Level appliance.
  • Run dishwasher through test cycle to make sure there are no leaks.
  • Show customer how to use appliance.
  • Remove all rubbish and clean area.
$ incl GST
Installation $135