Fixed Rangehood


To be healthy, we need perfect, healthy food and cooked in a clean place. The Kitchen is the place which needs to be kept clean. Rangehood uproots smoke, odour and heat from the kitchen. To draw out cooking grease, you need a powerful model. To avoid the risks that are always present when you use an electrical appliance it is important that the Rangehood is installed correctly. Melbourne Appliance Installation specialize in the installation of all residential Rangehoods and offer a complete installation service within a wide area of Melbourne. Our highly skilled technicians will fit your Rangehood in your modern kitchen. Our genuine efforts are focussed on providing you the best services for the ducting of your new Rangehood installation. Our team removes the old Rangehood, clean area, imprint out fixings and mount bracket or mount to existing shelf and interface with existing ducting and power. Our team also installs new ducting for the Rangehood, including roof and wall penetrations, core drilling and flashing. Our experts test thoroughly and ensure that all functions are working. They also guide the customer and demonstrate to utilize Rangehood.

Melbourne Appliance Installation has fully equipped vans across Melbourne to provide the installation services. We have expertise in installing various types of Rangehood like Canopy Rangehood, Slide out Rangehood and Fixed Rangehood.

Installation steps

  • Remove old fixed rangehood.
  • Clean area.
  • Mark out fixings and mount to existing shelf.
  • Connect to existing ducting and power.
  • Test to make all functions are working.
  • Show customer how to use rangehood.
$ incl GST
Fixed Rangehood Installation $110