Oven Installation


We often use a variety of methods to cook food. We generally need apparatus which spares our cooking time and makes sustenance more delectable and with low fats. Baking is usually done in the oven. There are two sorts of Oven, electric and gas oven. When you buy an oven, Melbourne Appliance Installation professionals will be at your doorstep ready to install your oven as we have fully equipped vans across Melbourne to provide the installation services.

Our qualified installer completes the installation properly. They carefully check the location where the oven is to be installed, as we know the oven should be placed at convenient access. They plan the installation so that all minimum clearances are met and secure oven in place with fixing screws or tilt brackets. Our experts also ensure that the correct voltage, frequency, and amperage must be supplied to the appliance. While installing the new oven they test all functions are working. The team will also start up the oven, make any adjustments needed, and provide basic training on oven operation and maintenance. We also modify your cabinets and install new power points and gas/water connections to accommodate your needs.

Melbourne Appliance Installation has highly qualified and expert team to provide services at wide range in Melbourne.

Steps for Installation

  • Isolate oven power and test to make sure it is off.
  • Remove and disconnect old oven.
  • Install new oven.
  • Secure oven in place with fixing screws or tilt brackets.
  • Reset power to oven and test all functions are working.
  • Install oven racking.
  • Show customer how to use oven.
  • Remove all rubbish and clean area.
$ incl GST
Oven Built-in Electrical Installation $245
Dual Fuel Electric connection only $245
Oven & Cooktop Electric Installation $410
Dual Fuel complete connection (Both) $375
Upright Electric Installation $245