Washer/Dryer Stack


After having your clothes washed, now you need to drain off the excess water and keep them dry but you need a dryer stack for that. Yes, a dryer stack allows you to have moisture free and dry clothes after every wash. Melbourne Appliance Installation has an amazing team that is expert in installing washing machine/ dryer stack. We will check for the right place to fix the dryer stack and also make sure the duct is also in the right place so that you face no problems while using it.

The Melbourne Appliance Installation team will suggest you ways to get this installed so that you can use the washing machine/dryer stack without any hassles. Having the machines installed in the right place makes the work easy and smooth. And we are experts in making daunting tasks simple and easy for all our customers. Contact us now in case you want to fix a new or replace the old dryer stack.

Step for installation

  • Remove old washing machine and dryer if needed and clean area.
  • Remove transit bolts.
  • Install new washing machine and connect to existing water and power.
  • Mount stacking frame to top of washing machine.
  • Install dryer onto stacking frame and secure.
  • Plug in and test.
  • Level appliances.
  • Run washing machine through test cycle to make sure there are no leaks.
  • Show customer how to use appliances.
  • Remove all rubbish and clean area.